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Whether you call it TV hanging, TV mounting, TV installation, or something else.  The Installation Experts.com is a great place to start.  We provide expert TV installation services.  We have experienced technicians, and we carry only the highest quality products available on the market today.

One of the best features of modern flat-screen televisions is their ability to be hung on walls or ceilings using special mounts. Homeowners appreciate the ability to mount televisions to a wall, as this frees up room for other furniture and maximizes space in small areas. Combine the wall mounted TV with a music system and now you have a complete audio/video entertainment system.

We have several package deals to choose from, and we offer simple TV mounting services, to complete home theatre installations to our customers.

We install many types of flat screen television sets, LED TV's, LCD TV's, Plasma TV's and Projection TV's. 

We have the technical expertise and experience to safely and securely install your electronic devices.

We also offer high quality products and accessories, HDMI cables, component cables, wall mount brackets, VESA adaptors, component shelves, coaxial cables, wall plates, keystone jacks, and connectors . . .

For homeowners . . .

     We can provide you with the most professional TV mounting and installation service that meets your budget. Our TV installation services include, wall mounting of your flat screen TV, LCD TV, Plasma TV, LED TV and Ceiling mounted Projection TV's.  Choosing professional installation services instead of trying a self installation can save you lots of time and headaches.  Not to mention the security of the installation done correctly.  We can provide outlet relocation services, which is necessary when you want that clean look.  In other words you won't see any wires below the TV.  All of the necessary wires are hidden in the wall.  We can also install your existing home theater system.

You don't have to learn how to hang a flat screen TV, just give us a call to discuss your video and audio installation needs.  We will gladly provide our in-home consultation service as well as our free cost estimate and assessment.

TV Wall Mounting Details

Speaker Installation Details

For Businesses . . .

     We are dedicated to making sure your business is presented in an audio - visual fashion that keeps your customers comfortable and happy, so that they stay around longer which turns into profits for your business. 

We can help you design a complete audio / video system, a design that suits your business, perfectly.  Our expert team of installers will hang flat screen TV's of your choice LCD TV's, LED TV's, Plasma TV's and/or Projection TV's.  In addition we can install your audio speaker system for soft music while your customers dine, or that killer audio system for that Monday night football game.  What ever is the better choice for your customers, we can design and install the audio / video system that suits your business.

You don't have to learn how to hang a flat screen TV, just give us a call to discuss your audio / video installation needs.  We will gladly come out to your business for an on-site consultation as well as our free cost estimate and assessment.

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