TV Mounting Service

TV mounted with sound-bar attached

Picking the proper height when mounting your TV

TV mounting service, that’s what we do, and Professional TV Installers, that’s who we are!  A Professional TV Mounting Company. . .  Do you have a big flat screen TV sitting on a cabinet, dresser, or chest?  Also, are you worried your children are going to tip it over?   What if they climb on the TV cabinet? Is it safe?   

Could it be that you are after a new look in your Lounge or Bar?  

TV Mounted over Fireplace Installation

Should you mount your TV over your Fireplace ?

Well, The Installation Experts, LLC. has been mounting TVs for many years, so we know how to make it look easy.  We will make your TVs look fantastic, especially when all of the wires are concealed in the wall.  Nevertheless, the TV takes up less room, is safer for children and by locking the wall mounted bracket, it keeps the TV secure from theft.  Wow, how’s that for modern technology !

Have you thought about TV mounting?  If so, then sit back, relax, let our TV Installers do all the work !

Consequently, by mounting your TV in the bedroom, you will no longer need to squeeze past it, where you could possibly knock it over and break it.  You’ll gain back the top of your dresser!  So you will hardly even know there is a TV on the wall, as it is discreetly up, and out of the way.  Just like a picture hanging on the wall.

In addition, with the new smart TVs, you can stream your video content right over your internet.

TV wall mounting Installation in progress

Which TV mounting bracket to use, and concealing wires ?

Speaking of walls, it would certainly be convenient if you could just drill a little hole into the sheet rock and hang that baby on up… but, you know – physics. Regular old drywall simply cannot support the weight of your new television, and despite what your friends might tell you, even if you use the world’s biggest anchor, it’s only a matter of time before humpty dumpty comes tumbling down, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

Sad as it may be, you’re going to absolutely need to find a stud to hang that television mount, or find a wall made out of something more substantial. We recommend that you speak to a professional (or at least really trust the person you ask at the hardware store) about the specifics of your situation before hanging your TV mount.

Full Motion TV Bracket

Should you contact a professional TV installer ?

The last thing you want is to go through all the rigmarole of installing your TV mount, only to find that you will have to pull down your TV every time you want to access the ports. Or that for several hours each afternoon, the searing reflection of the sun threatens to scorch your innocent corneas.

If you’re going to need a swiveling mount, make sure you know beforehand. Conversely, if you think you’d prefer a more stable mount, make sure that your ports are suitably situated before drilling into your wall. You will need extra help to lift, and properly mount your TV to the wall mount.

Professional Commercial Audio/Video

Connecting Video and Audio Devices to your TV

This one doesn’t have to do with physically mounting your TV per se’, but once you get that bad boy securely situated, you’re going to need to start coordinating and calibrating all your devices – cable, media player, video game consoles, smart home assistant, et cetera. We aren’t going to lie – there will be remotes. Many of them.

You’ll see enough triple A batteries to last you a lifetime. You’ll spend endless minutes scrolling through options and selecting languages. You might not know what you’re doing, but the textbook-sized instruction manual will be menacing enough to keep you at bay. Maybe your instincts are good. Maybe you’ve got a tech-savvy friend. Or maybe…

You’ll see enough triple A batteries to last you a lifetime. You’ll spend endless minutes scrolling through options and selecting languages. You might not know what you’re doing, but the textbook-sized instruction manual will be menacing enough to keep you at bay. Maybe your instincts are good. Maybe you’ve got a tech-savvy friend. Or maybe…

TV Wall Mounting Service

Same Day TV Wall Mounting Service

You can order a certified technician to your home in minutes, simply by selecting your TV size, your location, and the time frame that suits you best. The technician can install your TV mount and configure all relevant devices professionally, without you having to do a thing. No need to worry about having the tools or know-how. Your Saver will bring all that with them – they can even provide the TV wall mount.

Or, if you prefer, you can purchase one yourself and simply have your technician perform the general installation. And if you want to take credit for our TV Mounting Service, for yourself, well, your secret is safe with us. Just like your TV.

In addition to our TV Wall Mounting Service, we also provide these services; Video Doorbell Service, Smart Door Lock Service, Smart Home Service, HD TV Antenna Service, and more.


  • How much does it cost to mount a TV on a wall ?

    Wall mounting a TV that does not require special wiring can run from $80 to $175 to install, while a more complex wall mounting job can cost $200 to $500.

  • Can you mount my TV over a fireplace ?

    We most definitely can, we can even install an electrical outlet behind the TV as well.

  • Can my wires be concealed inside the wall ?

    Yes, we can conceal your wires inside the wall. We'll make your TV look just like a picture on the wall.

  • How high should my TV be mounted is there a standard ?

    Contrary to popular belief, your TV should be mounted to a height that suits your taste, and the room's decor.

  • I don't have an outlet where I want my TV installed, should I call an electrician first ?

    No need, we can relocate an outlet to the height of your TV mounting.

  • How high should I mount my TV?

    Well in our experience, your TV should be mounted at a hight that is most suitable to the room type, the decor, and at a comfortable viewing level to you the homeowner.

  • Do you need a stud to mount a TV?

    You can use toggle bolts: If there simply aren't any studs where you want to mount the TV, then you need to use some sort of hollow wall anchors or toggle bolts….  Mounting a TV on drywall or plaster without attaching to a stud can be tricky but is a safe and reliable solution. Just make sure you know the limits of the wall and the toggles.


The things I liked about Mr. Glapion is that he was very professional. He came in did his work, cleaned up and explained his process. Very professional. I will use him in the future and be sure to refer him out to my family and friends.. Great experience!
Very Professional and fast. His work speaks for itself.
Awesome service! Got two tv’s mounted and the work was exceptional. Very professional and very responsive. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get their tv’s mounted.
Tony and Joe provided excellent TV mounting service on a short notice and were accommodating to our needs. I would highly recommend them!
Tony came out and installed my two TVs the next day, was punctual, very professional and did a great job! Now I can enjoy my TV and peace.
Tony is the best in the business. He is prompt, communicative, and knowledgeable. A consummate professional!
Tony did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking to install big screen TV’s. He was very accommodating and was able to fit me in on the same day I called. Very professional and knowledgeable!
Tony did an amazing job hanging my tv on the wall. Went above and beyond, even giving me an extension cord since I didn’t have one.
Tony was great. He accomondated our busy schedule to find a time what worked for us. Install took less than an hour. Very professional. Wants to make the customer happy. Will use again in the future.
Tony was superb! So patient and a perfectionist. His attention to detail, expertise and professionalism is top notch. Could not recommend him more! When we get our new outdoor living area built, we’ll be calling Tony again to setup our outdoor tv. Thank you SO much Tony!!
Tony installed 3 tv’s with sound bars and a whole house antenna. We couldn’t be happier! His attention to detail and knowledge Of which products worked best for our home made the process smooth and hassle free. Do yourself a favor and trust this professional to get the job done right the first time.
Tony came on short notice to mount 2 TV’s and while on the job suggested and provided a solution for the unsightly wires. Very knowledgeable and professional.
Easy installation. Thank you!!
Great time management and manners. He made the process a breeze!!!!
Excellent, Professional Service. Highly Recommend!
The service is absolutely amazing!!! I was able to get a technician to come out the next day to mount my TV and he was so friendly and helpful. I would recommend these guys any day and if I need another TV mounted im calling them first!
Wonderful experience with mounting our 3 TVs. Meticulous work! Would highly recommend the installation experts!
Best service I ever had from any company!!! Fast, knowledgeable, courteous, and kind! Definitely recommend!!!!
The Installation Experts were as good as their name. First class, professional and experts at their trade. Try them and I know you will be as pleased as we were.
The best professional TV Hanger in LA, MS, and AL. I appreciate this engineer whole heartedly 🩸🩸🩸🩸
Scheduled online and he showed up a bit early after calling ahead to make sure that was ok. Once here he took a look at the site inside & out, presented me a few options to be sure I would not be surprised at how the install would be done and he did the work quickly, efficiently, and safely. Would recommend and hire again if I have a need.
Very professional service and explains everything in details 👍🏾
came out to initially mount one tv and loved his work so we got all home tvs mounted and wires hidden. the work was very neat and professional, also bringing extra equipment needed!! will be using the installation experts for all services including camera installation.
It had been my lifelong dream to construct a Home Theater and I called on Tony at The Installation Experts to get the job done.Right from the start, Tony was very accommodating to my schedule and always available to answer questions and give expert advice. Tony is very professional and is workmanship is top notch. I was very pleased with the final results and I will seek his expertise in the future should I need to complete another project.
About 2 weeks ago I had Tony wall mount, and install an electrical outlet to hide the wires behind a 50" tv in my bedroom to give it a clean flushed look. I called around mid day and was able to get a same day appointment later that evening at 5 pm. When he finished his appointment schedule prior to mine he called and asked if it was ok for him to come earlier to begin on my project and he arrived a hour early. After explaining to Tony what i wanted he put me at ease with his knowledge of the job. It was clear during the process that he is professional, knowledgeable and thorough on the job. I am pleased with his work and plan on calling him back to wall mount two more tv's and work on my surveillance system. I would definitely recommend him to install or mount your tv, audio, and/or surveillance system.
Very professional, courteous and fast. Couldn’t be happier with the installation and the outcome. Definitely recommended for any of your needs. Tony and Joseph are friendly and make sure your happy prior to leaving. Great quality and extremely nice!
Great experience, scheduled installation date and what was required, provided excellent recommendation and installation. Thank you!
Awesome, my husband contacted The Installation Experts, great Communication, quick service and very friendly and professional, did an amazing job. I highly recommend and will be using him again!
The installer came out on time and mounted my tv on the wall. Perfect job , I love my TV , it looks great on the wall
Great businessman and father. For +20 years he’s had exceptional experience in setting up digital equipment for customer satisfaction. From the early 90’s of giving sales and customer service for security systems, early flip phones, and even beepers, his versatility to evolve with the industry has kept people up to date with the growing culture. He’s been a great reference for both old and modern questions, and now I’m ready to set up my life and “go digital.”
I called Tony at about 9am on a Friday to install 2 TV mounts. One on a brick wall and another on a complex mantle mount system above the fireplace. By 1:30pm the same day, he had installed both for a fair price. Do not miss this guy, he is the real deal.
Mr. Tony installed my Tv but he went above and beyond customer service. I had been looking for someone for weeks with then storm Ida came I called him yesterday and he came out Saturday. And hung some other things that I asked for . So thankful for Mr . Tony !! Highly recommended him !!!Thank you Mr. Tony.
Tony and Joe did an excellent job installing three TVs in our home. They were cordial, professional, and provided excellent suggestions on the best locations to mount the TVs and sound bar. I would absolutely contact them again if I need assistance with any more installations.
Excellent work and very professional .
Called and they came out within the hour on a Saturday. Took no time at all to get it done. Our TV looks great, and not having to look at ugly wires is a huge plus! Can't recommend them enough!
Great job - excellent work
Tony is a great person that does great work. We have worked with him twice. Once for a fairly standard tv installation and another for a pretty custom router installation. Both turned out amazing. Please check out The Installation Experts any time you need quality work done around the house.
Had a great experience. Timely responses to emails and scheduling was hassle free. Quick installation and end result looks awesome. Had an answer for all my needs and it ended up better than I expected.
Fantastic work. Quick, efficient, tidy workspaces, and super convenient. Excellent work. Definitely recommend.
Thank You Very Much Mr.Tony. We are truly satisfied and happy with these amazing results. Starting with the Same Day Service, Exceptionally Seamless Install, and Most Importantly Efficient & Quick! Definitely everything we were looking for!(down to the velcro to hide that stubborn Cable Box or even informative information on the placement of the television.)Thank You Again , Five Stars Well Earned! 👍🏾😁
Very professional guy!! Gave great suggestions! Clean crisp work! Very professional! Great Rates
Impeccable, thorough, and premium service. Could not recommend more highly.
WHAT CAN I SAY !!! These Gentlemen are heaven sent. I put in my appointment request and received a confirmation call immediately. All questions were answered professionally. When they so no wires it’s absolutely “no wires”. The Installation Experts is the way to go. Best in the business hands down, money well spent!!!
Our installer B. Tony Glapion was spot on and very professional. I am very happy with the whole process and workmanship. We will be calling them out again to our home for more work. Thank you so much!
Tony did an amazing job installing our televisions and making everything look attractive. We are looking forward to him doing other things we did not know were even possible.
The Installation Experts are the way to go! Tony and Kirk were extremely professional and installed my 75” and 55” TV’s exactly how I wanted them. They work very fast, efficient and charge fair prices to do so. I highly recommend going with The Installation Experts for all your TV installation needs.
Tony came on the same day I called and did a fantastic job! Very professional and explained all of the options to me. Great service!

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