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Mounting a tv Service - Hang TV over Fireplace

So you got that big 75″ screen HDTV, and you want to mount your TV up on the wall, over your fireplace. . . Sounds like a plan to me, we’ve got just the thing(Mounting A TV Service). There’s just one problem, you don’t know how to mount/install your TV. In addition to that, you need an outlet relocated over the fireplace, and you want all of the wires concealed in the wall. That’s a big job, for a rookie, but not for The Installation Experts, LLC.

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Mounting a tv Service - Hang TV over Fireplace

We’ve been mounting/installing/hanging TV’s on the wall for over 10 years. Hiding wires, is our specialty. Your TV should look like a picture on your wall. There should not be even a trace of electrical wires hanging out from behind the TV. Let’s also get that sound-bar installed as well. Want to go bigger? Ok, a 5.1 home theater speaker system is the way to go

Once the hang TV job is completed by the Experts, we will program and setup your universal remote control, making operation of your new setup easy as 1,2,3.

We mount all brands of TV’s, we can even mount them on the ceiling or from the ceiling.

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