HD TV Antenna Installation

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So you’re ready to cut the cord and get your HD TV Antenna Installation, great. A properly installed and pointed Antenna is what we do. Your home will get you at least 30 of your local channels in this area. The quality of the FREE HD Channels that you will receive, are perfect, flawless, and most importantly … FREE!

HD TV Antenna
HD TV Antenna

Let The Experts Install your TV Antenna

If you’re not technically inclined to perform your installation, then by all means, call us (985) 641-3757 or visit our website click here… The professional HD TV Antenna Installers. We can help you cut the cord. Usually, we can have your HDTV antenna installed within 48 hours of your initial contact.

FREE HD TV Channels

You’ll be saving thousands of dollars per year (FREE HD Channels), with an outdoor HD TV antenna installed in your home. All of your favorite local channels are available over the air. Many of the channels you may be surprised are broadcasted right to your home for free. So stop paying the TV providers for service, when you can get it for free.

TV Antenna

We can put your HD TV antenna in your attic, you’ll get great reception there, and you won’t have to look at it !

Over 40 FREE HD Channels Available

The first thing you should do is find out what channels are available in your area. If you live in or near a metro area, you’ll probably have several to choose from, including major network affiliates (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, etc.) and PBS. Even if you don’t, you may luck out anyway. Search sites like TV Fool and AntennaWeb to find out what’s available. Both use your address to generate a list of channels near you, where in the city they broadcast from (which will be important later), and how strong those channels will come in.

TV Antenna Signal Strength

TV Fool is the better search tool. It creates a polar graph and color-coded list of channels organized by callsign, signal strength and distance. It even breaks out UHF and VHF channels. You can see an example in the image above. You’ll be able to tell quickly which channels will come in clearly, which will be noisy and which ones won’t come in at all. AntennaWeb, on the other hand, does a better job of explaining the different types of OTA antennae and the language you’ll see when you go shopping.

TV Antenna on Home

Once you have an idea of the channels available to you, look up the callsigns to see what network they represent. That’ll give you an idea whether you’ll be able to catch your favorite shows or live sporting events. We’ve talked about some of the biggest cable cutting myths before, so don’t go into this assuming that you’ll get a TV experience that’s the same as cable. However, if your favorite programs are on channels like NBC, ABC, or PBS, you’re in for a treat. Similarly, you won’t be able to catch every sporting event, but you can find a few on over-the-air channels like CBS and FOX.

Professional HD TV Antenna Installation by The Installation Experts.

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